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After graduating with a BFA in Fashion Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology, Nia Thomas began to explore realms in the New York City fashion/fine art scene. Constantly playing with warm earth tones, exciting textures and the concept of proudly wearing your heritage on your sleeve, she cultivated a safe space for her passion to cultivate. Furthermore, capitalizing on the opportunity of representing what a vegan and eco-conscious woman of color could create and positively share with the world.


Our personal dedication to sustainability is as simple as reduce, reuse, recycle. The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful industries in the world. We try to incorporate eco-conscious solutions in my work by reducing the amount of non-renewable energy used to make clothes and accessories by using my fabric scraps to make scrunchies, tiny bags that I put my jewelry in when I ship out orders. Reusing objects and/or materials that may otherwise end up in landfills. Taking buttons, zippers, jewel, beads, or any trim out of vintage or dead stock pieces that are damaged and beautifully up-cycle them on to our brands new pieces makes us proud for problem solving/bringing new art into the world from something used. We respond to that and we know our customers do as well.

Where does our fabric/materials come from?


Our collections bring into fruition wearable art that is made with recycled or reclaimed materials that have been extracted and reconditioned for a new use. As close to 70% of our clothes are made of deadstock fabrics, since textiles make up almost 6% of the trash entering U.S. landfills every year. We buy verified old, leftover and over-ordered fabric from other designers and fabric warehouses. This allows us to reuse and divert these materials from landfills and into your closet. Our jewelry materials such as agate and freshwater pearls are sourced from Morocco and NYC. With the use of biodegradable garment labels, we try to minimize the flow of waste on a broader scale.

Socially Responsible Production


In NYC we have worked with some of the most incredible craftsman and artisans that are locally based. As a black owned and women operated business, we strive to collaborate with other women of color for the brand which we have successfully from our knits to ceramic pieces. With fair wages and working conditions we want to be held responsible for never taking advantage of our production partners located domestically or internationally. With each piece created by hand and demonstrating the unique skill of the artisan, we support one-of-a-kind pieces in a world of homogenized mass production. The entire process from creation of the product to you receiving your purchase in the mail is carefully thought out to be upstanding to our standards. We only use second hand recycled packaging envelopes, bags and boxes for shipping our products in. We aim to have all our packaging supplies be compostable by end of 2020. 

Plant Based Dyes


Recycled fabric we encounter can often have a bland color, discolorations or stains. Instead of irresponsibly discarding of it we use organic compostable plant-based dyes made our of food scraps. The ingredients have been used for centuries and are much better for the skin and bodies of us and loved ones. Also, it is better for the planet as synthetic dyes are laced with harmful chemicals that get poured back into our fragile ecosystems.

The plants we currently use are:

Avocado skins


Onion skins




Red Cabbage

Tea bags


Walnut Husks

Since natural dyes are an integral factor in our brands pieces, we strongly additives you to be aware of how you care for our pieces. If you are self-hand washing your purchases, wash them in cold water separately from any other clothing with a natural soap detergent derived from plants that does not contain citrus (or other acidic) oils/scents or harmful artificial derivatives. Gently use your hands and lightly rub until no longer dirty. Or if you would rather have our pieces dry cleaned, we recommend you going to an organic dry cleaner only.


Please note*

Since some of our products are dyed with natural dyes, colors gradually change overtime and partial discoloration may occur. Colors may bleed and stain other clothing if the product is washed with other items or becomes damp from perspiration, rain, etc.


We are constantly drawing inspiration from the kindness of strangers, traveling to places that are unfamiliar, immersing into bold cultures, the colors that naturally occur from the Earth and the smiles our customers have when they're proudly wearing our work.


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