Knitwear Care

Nia Thomas knits are meant to be rediscovered season after season, we produce special yet functional designs with longevity in mind using only high-quality yarns.

Freshening Between Wears

Wool is naturally anti-bacterial and odor-repellent, so they do not need to be washed every time you wear them, just a few times per season to maintain their shape and resilience is ideal. To keep your knitwear fresh between wears, simply let them air out, always away from direct sunlight. Try to rotate your knits between wears, allowing each of them to have their own time to freshen up and breathe. In the event of a spill simply spot clean the area gently with a damp cloth or a sponge. Never rub the fabric, as it will encourage pilling.

Pilling occurs naturally on the surface of wool garments over time, especially in the areas that receive frequent friction. To remove them, simply brush off gently with a sweater comb. Certain fibers such as wool tend to shed the first times you wear them. To prevent excess shedding, use a lint roller to remove any excess hair from your knit. Not only following these simple steps will help your knits last longer but you will also cut down on water consumption.


Due to the knitwear structure and yarn spinning process, you need to use dry cleaning only care instructions. We recommend selecting a dry cleaner experienced in working with knitwear.


Store your knitwear folded in drawers, as hanging will stretch out your garments and cause misshaping. For storage during a long period of time place your knit in our cotton dust bag so it can breathe, adding a sachet of lavender or aromatic cedar blocks with it to keep the moths away. Moths are not so attracted to the fiber as to dirt or body oils on garments so make sure your knits are thoroughly clean before storing them and keep them in a cool, dry space.


No knitwear is immune, so when you are putting on your sweater, you should always keep in mind that due to its delicate nature it can be easily pulled by jewelry or nails. If you do happen to make a pull in your knitwear it can be fixed.

Plant Dyed Garment Care


Wash with a minimal amount of pH neutral natural soap or mild detergent, we recommend diluted Dr Bronner’s. Do not pour or apply detergent directly onto fabric Do not use detergent that contains enzymes, chlorine bleach, baking soda, fabric softeners, borax, or that is formulated for wool. Hand wash only and hang dry in the shade.

Plant dyes can easily be bleached by deodorants and detergents and as such require more effort and mindfulness when worn and laundered. Acidic foods such as orange juice can remove natural dye colors if spilled on the naturally dyed fabric. If you line dry do so in the shade and out of direct light.