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Nia's Tribe: @lilli.ptz

Posted by Nia Thomas on

Lilli is a true forest nymph frolicking around Berlin drawing and making every spot her playground. She is a vessel that shines the way the universe and her spirit guides intended for her. By mindfully piecing together looks that resonate with her own individual style, she always wears Nia Thomas boldly and uniquely all her own.


N.T. You travel quite a bit, as does most Nia Thomas tribe women. What elements from home do you always try to bring with you?


L.B. As I tend to get a little anxious during travels, I love to bring my safety things including my favorite rose quartz crystal, my journal to empty my brain into and of course a pair of headphones which will always allow me to drown into some calming frequencies and healing music. In uncomfortable situations it is vital for me to stay present and to keep reminding myself that discomfort will always lead to the greatest personal growth. 


N.T. What rituals do you use when getting dressed?


L.B. I love honoring my state of mind and emotions when getting dressed everyday. I will always dress to feel comfortable in my skin!


N.T. How does sustainable living affect how you get dressed? 


L.B. Ever since I’ve informed myself on the effect of fast fashion on our earth, I have only been able to shop second hand or sustainably. I wouldn’t be able to do it any other way! It has filled my heart with a whole new love for fashion. I look for quality and long lasting pieces and I feel so fulfilled wearing them without the thought of causing harm to Mother Earth. 


N.T. When do you feel the most beautiful within your body?


L.B. In nature, feeling the earth against my skin. 


N.T. In three words: how do you feel wearing our clothes? 


L.B. Free, connected and held 


N.T. What do you stand for?


L.B. Love love love !!!


Follow her journey via @lilli.ptz on Instagram