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Nia's Tribe: @_diannalopez

Posted by Nia Thomas on

Musically gifted Dianna has been a long time muse for Nia Thomas and a rockstar in her own right. Her ethereal essence is easily matched with our one of a kind pieces to make her shine on and off the stage.

N.T.: You travel quite a bit, as does most Nia Thomas tribe women. What elements form home do you always try to bring with you?


D.L.: It’s important to me to have a good book, my notebook, music equipment, headphones, crystals and my laptop. As for the crystals - my favorite to bring is my selenite stick because it’s such a calming stone, it’s good for meditation and is also a form of protection. 


N.T.: What rituals do you use when getting dressed?


D.L.: Lately I’ve been dressing like the color I feel most connected to. I’ll try on a bunch of clothes until I feel like it matches the vibration or aura I’m emitting that day. Green is a reoccurring color for me since I usually feel down to earth, calm and collected.


N.T.:  How does sustainable living affect how you get dressed?


D.L.: It affects my whole wardrobe, since I only shop and wear second hand (from thrift stores or online thrift stores — or with clothes that are gifted to me)


N.T.: When do you feel the most beautiful within your body?


D.L.: I feel the most beautiful in my body when I’m swimming in the ocean naked, and the riptide brushes me against the sand; pushing me closer to the earth and reminding me of my truest form.


N.T.: In three words: how do you feel wearing our clothes?


D.L.: Native, pure, avatar 


N.T.: What do you stand for?


D.L.: I stand for love in its highest form

More connection, affection, and vulnerability in this lifetime

Going back to our roots and primal ways of being


Follow her journey via @_diannalopez on Instagram