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Nia's Tribe: @beasically

Posted by Nia Thomas on

A woman of many talents: Bea loves wearing our clothes in every facet of her busy lifestyle. A true chameleon and taste setter, she always knows how to wear our clothes with as much of a statement as possible.

N.T.: You travel quite a bit, as does most Nia Thomas tribe women. What elements from home do you always try to bring with you?


B.E. a toothbrush and my cutest underwear.


N.T.: What rituals do you use when getting dressed?


B.E.: first, I think about where I’m going, what I’m doing that day. most importantly I have to be comfortable yet outstanding, always 


N.T.: How does sustainable living affect how you get dressed? 


B.E.: i’ve gotten more creative with styling a sustainable staple piece differently over and over again. 


N.T.: When do you feel the most beautiful within your body?


B.E.: when I know I’m doing my best.


N.T.: In three words: how do you feel wearing our clothes? 


B.E.: lovely, chic and free


N.T.: What do you stand for?


B.E.: kindness and upcycling 

Follow her journey via @beasically on Instagram