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Nia's Tribe: @yaknowme_hitomi

Posted by Nia Thomas on

Hatha yoga teacher and digital vlogger Hitomi Mochizuki's confidence is unmistakable and shines even brighter in Nia Thomas. Where she can take our pieces and seamlessly blend them into her everyday essential looks with ease and playful style.

N.T.: You travel quite a bit, as does most Nia Thomas tribe women. What elements form home do you always try to bring with you?


H.M.: I always try to bring a traveling altar of sorts. Essentials include sage or palo santo, lavender and frankinsense essential oil, a crystal or three, and I always have my manifestation journal on hand.


N.T.: What rituals do you use when getting dressed?


H.M.: I don’t really follow any specific trends and love to get dressed in whatever makes me feel the most confident and inspired each day! I always start out with a certain piece I’m excited to wear and style around that. Or if I recently watched a good film, I take inspiration from the characters outfits.


N.T.: How does sustainable living affect how you get dressed?


H.M.: Being more aware of the importance of slow fashion has made me a lot more present in my shopping experience and therefore the way I get dressed. I’m often re-styling pieces I’ve had for years which calls for extra experimentation. I also try to keep track of how frequently or infrequently I’ve been wearing pieces and will donate the less worn items and move the most worn pieces to the front and center of my closet for quicker dressing.


N.T.: When do you feel the most beautiful within your body?


H.M.: I feel the most beautiful in my body when I’m naked in nature. There’s no need for labels or definitions and I feel like my truest self, reflecting the beauty and imperfection all around me.


N.T.: In three words: how do you feel wearing our clothes?


H.M.: Powerful, connected and graceful


N.T.: What do you stand for?


H.M.: I stand for love.

 Follow her journey via @yaknowme_hitomi on Instagram